In 1993, this Los Angeles native took his talents to Texas, Colorado, England, Korea and Washington State as a member of the US Air Force. After being medically retired from the Air Force he found his way into the Naval Reserves where he spent 10 years in San Diego.


In 2015, almost 22 years from the day he headed into the military, Sean retired. The Iraq and Afghanistan War veteran hung up his boots and pursued a career in dance fitness and wellness coaching. It is in these ventures that Sean realized he had a gift of reaching people through his down-to-earth realistic approach to life and fitness. He began writing inspirational messages on his Inspiration with Sean Puffy Brown Facebook page (link).


As his following grew, Sean had one more big step to make which he completed on Mother's Day in 2017. With the help of his good friend, he self-published his book of thoughts titled Just A Thought, which has received rave reviews thus far.  In August 2018, Sean brought his second book to the world, a book in three parts, including a continuation of his inspirational insights, a collection of blogs that wrestle with some of the most provocative topics of our times, and a lighter, more creative collection of captioned photographs that capture the world through the writer's eye. This book would be titled Just A Thought, Too. Then in January 2019, Sean continued his thought books with Just A Thought, Tree, which is a book of his photographs of the world taken through his cellphone. This book challenges people to slow and simply enjoy life as it comes. 

Most recently Sean and his business partner April have launched his LETME line of clothing. During an inspirational message Sean coined the term LETME which stands for Live Every Tiny Moment Exceptionally. Sean and April are working hard to create a brand that promotes positive influence on a person's day to day life in self-influenced actions. Hop on board and join this amazing journey of LETME!  

Now, Sean has added wellness workshops, book talks, signings and continued fitness classes to bring a new way of looking at the world. Take a journey with him? You are invited!

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