Sean discusses his inspiration and key passages from Just a Thought in the first 30-minute segment of this engaging interview with internationally recognized author and broadcasting host Donna Seebo. (19 Sep 2018)

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Featured Interview on The Donna Seebo ShowS. L. Brown

In his Las Vegas interview with Heidi Mancini and Joe Perroni on WWDBTV, Sean tackles tough questions about ownership, relationships, gender roles and expectations, and more. (25 Jun 2018)

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In an interview with author Peter Stockwell, Sean and April delve into the process of publishing and promoting Sean's first book, Just a Thought.  (24 Apr 2018)

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Sean meets up for an impromptu interview with Univision Seattle / KOMO-4 at the SoNorthwest Women's Show at the Tacoma Dome. (27 Jan 2018)

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Do the Math!

Here is an impromptu video where Sean speaks on letting childhood trauma go as an adult. 

Just a Reminder

An impromptu video where Sean reminds us to be better. It is a choice for all of us.