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Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Today is the first day of 2019. Here in Washington it's a crisp, sunny, slightly breezy forty-degree day. I have had a cinnamon roll, 2 cups of coffee and have watched baking shows with my family. Soon I will get dressed and go on a light workout walk with my friend before coming back home to watch movies with the family. Today, for all intents and purposes is just another day of the 16,219 days I have been on earth (try it here). It is just that, another day. One more in a (hopefully) long line of days. Yet, to many, this isn't just another day. To many it is the "start" of a new life or a new beginning or a dramatic change or a fresh new declaration of a future victory. Yes, it is the day of the (this should be said in the giant movie screen voice)... RESOLUTION! Most of us call it our New Year's Resolution(s).

In the fitness industry we love this time of year. It is the time where all the "I'm going to work out this year" and the "I'm going to be healthier, happier and more whatever" folks come into the gym en masse. Every year the influx happens. Every year it lasts until about the end of February. Every. Year. Now this isn't a knock on anyone and his or her desire to try a new program, or life choice, or whatever. This is just pointing out the fact that as a fitness instructor I benefit greatly from this particular "resolution" that many make. Which one or ones did you make? Have you made it before? How many times have you made it? How many times have you not been fully successful? If you are like me then you have either done/made or seen many, many, many, many times the "resolutions" come and go without much success. For the one used above, I hope that some of the "New Year's Gym-goers" stick around and love what I provide but I know that many, if not most, will not stay around. So, what is the point you ask?

From Dec. 26th - Dec. 30th I got to spend four days in Hawaii. Now, I did not resolve to travel more in 2018. I took a bunch of pictures for my friend and taught one of my highly touted (if I don't say so myself) workshop on Ownership. As my biz partner and I flew home on the red-eye flight I started thinking about what I had done. Normally I would talk to the biz partner but she was, for lack of a better term or a term not as funny to me, catching airplanes like King Kong with her mouth or, as normal people would say, sleeping. (Note: She edits my blogs and has to keep that in there which means as she is reading this note she is cursing me. Isn't life grand?) Anyway, while she slept I thought about the year of 2018.

Wait! I haven't shared a picture yet. I must rectify this because I like consistency with my ramblings. As I looked through my pics for this blog I thought this little seashell would be perfect

to start with because it reminds me of what my New Year's Resolutions(2018) would be like. You see there is my resolution (the shell). It isn't perfect or pristine but there is shape and form to it. I know what I want it to look like and I believe it will. It just needs a little hard work and focus to look great again. Of course around it is the foundation I have, in this case sand, that I will build my resolution on as I work hard to complete it. Around it is all the other stuff in life, in this case the leaves and seaweed and stuff, that is also present and will be present in my attempt at completion. For the most part the resolution stands out. The resolution, while not perfect, is there, defined, understood and ready to be amazing. Have you done that this year already? This is the perfect example, I think, to represent that imagery. Good job, Sean. (Sometimes you have to praise your damn self. lol.) Anyway, let's get back to the plane ride and the point I was making.

As the dark plane pierced the sky heading to Washington I thought about the adventures of the year. My wife had surgery, in fact, two (one expected, one unexpected). My youngest boy graduated high school (expected) and went off to college to work on his goals to become a doctor (also expected). We had a dog pass on (unexpected), a turtle make it 12 miles away from our house (unexpected... Maybe an owl stole him) and had a snake die (I think). That is some of the family stuff. It happens. Life happens. No resolutions made to do that stuff. But let's get to me.

In 2018, I had book signings in Portland, Oregon, Las Vegas, Nevada, Seattle, Silverdale, and Olympia, Washington and even, kinda sorta, Hawaii (Forgive me. I have no idea where I was at any point while there.) I published my second book Just A Thought, Too on my birthday. I met fans of my writing. I had been told that I changed a person's life or two. I lost not one, not two, but three Zumba classes. I got super involved in Twitter and Instagram and, as you can see, started blogging. Here is the thing... None of that I resolved to do. None of the amazing things that happened to me was a resolution. Oh, next picture time: Life is more like this little picture I

captured while I am on a hike in Hawaii. See in the middle of there (somewhere) would be me and, for the sake of this blog, my intentions/resolution but life is chaotic. Life has limbs pushing one way and the other. It reaches as far as it could and as deep as it wishes. Life has no resolutions. Resolutions have no life. We can plan life but it grows the way it wishes and, to be frank, that is perfect.

There I am on a plane zooming home and thinking of all the things I hoped that would happen that did not happen. Boy, I am I grateful for life not going the way I hoped it would go. Yes, like you, I had definitely had my scares and ugly moments. Seeing my wife in pain isn't a resolution I'd ever want. Yet, her being in pain opened a new door for her and now she is in a better place. A tornado hit this little town of Port Orchard where people lost their homes, but, fortunately, not their lives. I've lost friends who I loved completely. I gained friends who I would never have imagined I would have gained. Life, that thing called life, is funny that way. And here I am blogging about the year that happened and not getting all the things that I had hoped would


See it doesn't take a resolution to do something; it takes resolve. A declaration on the turning of the year does not make the year, the month, the day or even a remote moment. Like this picture the darkness and the light mix and there we stand at times alone and at other times with others. We stand on each day because the day demands it. And like the trees in this picture we basically sway in the crazy winds of life. And this is what a plane ride from Hawaii brought to my simple little mind. Simple. My resolution to you and to myself.

Let it go. The declaration of weight loss. The declaration of better life. The declaration of leaving all the ugly, bad and the drama behind. Let it go. The only thing one must do to have a grand year is to live it. Live it fully. Live it with full heart, with child-like wonder and a penchant for being better today than yesterday. My resolution is, like this year, is to just live life as it comes.

New picture time?

Let 2019 come in like a fresh wave. Better yet, you be the wave that comes into 2019. Roll into the shores until you rise tall enough to make a splash on new coastlines. Never be stuck in one place but free flowing into all places, not to conquer but to explore. Be magically yourself. Be magically unique. The wave is powerful, it is unforgiving, and it exists because of what life throws at it from the ocean. Resolve to be the wave. A new day is the gift of life and we are the wave. Perfectly explosive. A lot like....... This:

The sun rises on the horizon as each day is its own gift. Resolve to splash and explode along the way. If you don't lose weight, it won't matter. If you don't gain those followers, it won't matter. If you do not write the book or make the "gains," it won't matter. What matters is you. You keep going. You keep moving. You keep smiling. You keep laughing. You keep making yourself better than before. That is it. That is my resolution.

I resolve to step into the new year without worry or promise to do or be anything specific besides authentically me. Are you ready to step into 2019? Be you.

One last picture:

And away we go! Happy New Year, friends.

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