Depressed? Just feel better!

A few mornings ago I got up unexpectedly awoken by my usual inability to sleep past 0615 (that's AM for non military folk). I usually look out the window and see what the sky looks like. The clouds looked like they would let the sun peak through for a minute or two which means, to me anyway, that the sunrise would be pretty nice in some fashion or other. As you can see from this first picture I was right. Anyway, I love to snap photos and videos of the morning. This mornings was (obviously) no different. I shared this first picture with a good friend and she responded that it was ominous. Which I definitely understood. But she added something to her response that I didn't expect. She said, "this is what it feels like to be depressed. It's a beautiful picture you know it but it just is off." Wow. As a person who doesn't suffer from depression I had to take another look at this picture and my friend's comment. I knew once I did I would blog about it and, as I thought, here it is.

Not every day is going to be a great day. Not every day is going to be a bad day. Some days we wake up on the wrong side of the happy pillow. Sometimes those days can turn into a couple of days, weeks or even (sadly) longer. It is okay to not be in that good mood. Sometimes life is just that "beautiful, but off." The truth is life isn't all grand and, wait for it, that is okay. No one can put a stigma on you, me, him, her, them, they, or whomever being out of it. The foggy my friend saw is something we all go through. What is unfortunate is many seem to not admit it. That is the problem. That right there.

There is nothing wrong with trying to find the positives in each day or each moment. We have the ability to change our path one way or the other. BUT, no one is always positive. No one can always just make it better. Even the most positive have to take steps to improve his/her moods. That is what is needed. We need tools to help change those blahs and those grey days. It makes me think of another picture I took that day.

Sometimes we need a bridge or dock to get a little further out to change our perspective. Sometimes we need to simply get to the end and sit to find our breath. Sometimes we need to simply see the day from a different perspective to realize that the ominous can simply be mysterious. I look at this picture and I see the opening of a day. You may see something different. The point is we have to learn to take the steps to change the blah. It is 100% up to us to recognize the grey and to start the process of bringing back the light no matter how many steps it takes.

Feeling down isn't about, as the title says, "just feeling better." Feeling better is about choice and selection and, most importantly, actively using your tools to be better. Taking that one extra step closer is, at times, all one has to give. It is OK. No one has to be on all the time. No one has every magic path to "better" but everyone has the ability to find a "little bit better" because it is, as I like to say, choice. When it is all said and done, those grey days can, in fact, become like this last picture.

My goal for every day is to find beauty in a day. To see the colors of life and sit with them. We all have an "it" that fills this spot. To each of us we have to know what that point is to make our days better. Have the destination for things that make you feel better. A journey out of the gloom is easier with a destination in mind.

To anyone who may be sitting in a blah state, it is okay. Now, what are you going to do to get out of it? Your smile matters. Make it matter to you. #justathought #motivationalspeaker #blogger #mindsetchange

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