Dig My Own Grave!

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

As I was perusing the world of Facebook I stumbled across a fellow author's post about a recent blag he had been interviewed. In his interview he told part of his history which included, for several years, being a grave digger. As I read I came back to the image of digging a grave. I pictured me out in a field (like in the picture attached), sweat dripping from my brow, body sore, hands tender with shovel in hand plunging into the earth creating my own rectangle bed for my afterlife slumber. Then, I pictured me sitting on the edge of that grave, no, my grave. The image was as vivid as if I were actually there out of breath and tired from the work. I wondered what I would be thinking sitting there on that edge of the grave? That question brought me to another question. What would any of us think or do at that point? That brought me to my blog and jotting down the thoughts as I simply sit here at my computer. Lets take a quick journey shall we.

If you had to dig your own grave would it change your perspective on life? Humanity is full of displays of death and our own mortality but we, as much as we can, mentally avoid the prospects of dying especially when we are young in age. In this day and age a lot of young people don't have a will, life insurance set aside for expenses afterward or an in case of death plan for others to follow. We avoid it (death talk) until it hits us in the face with situations like the sudden loss of someone or someone close to us losing a battle with a disease or simply passes with old age.

In this case though, you can't avoid it. In this case, you have to dig the grave. You have to put the shovel in and here that familiar sound as the metal pierces the dirt and you scoop one load of dirt after another. This is your truth, it is my truth, it is our truth and in this case, the grave will be dug. If you are like me you can picture it. Does it scare you? Does it make you say "oh hell no!" to the idea of being that close to the end game of life? Or does it, like the thought did for me, give you much more? Now, you may be thinking damn Sean this is kind of doom(ish) but bear with me for a moment because its not that at all. In fact, I'd say its the opposite.

Life is shorter than we ever imagine. We run through 24-hour cycles like there are endless amounts of them. Hell, even our sun, the life force of our system, has an expiration date albeit a few million years in the future. When it is all said and done and I sit with myself on the edge of that grave I wonder if I would be happy with my life? See, that is the point. If your day came where you had to walk out dig your grave what would you think about that question? That is a hard notion to process I am sure but if my "day" was yesterday I'd imagine I would have to have to answer yes.

You see life is about the moments we are able to capture and enjoy both by one's self and with others, the lessons we learn and teach each other and the times we fall so hard it is almost impossible to imagine ever getting up and then we do just that, get up. It isn't about how much money you make or how many things you have attained because none of that goes with you. it isn't about who feared you and who revered you. It is about who you sat with and grew with you as a person. It is about embracing all the wonders of the world and living in those precious moments of discovery. Have I done that? I like to think I have done a great deal of that yet I know I could definitely use more chances because, life is grand.

I'll depart with this thought, we will never know the day the last breath will call to us but we do know that it will come. Open your heart to the love of the world, open your mind to that which is not your norm so you may learn and laugh. Yes, laugh! Laugh till tears run out of your eyes, you can't catch your breath because laughter is one of the purest joys in our existence. If you are lucky enough to not have a shovel in hand then you have time to be part of something magical, your life. Isn't it grand?

Just a thought my friends.

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