I Asked the Sky

I asked the sky what it felt like to have people always look up at you,

To sit in awe of your beauty, your colors and all the things you do,

The sky in all its golden beauty looked at me and began to say,

I don't know why you look at me in awe because I don't see it that way,

Perplexed at the response I asked the sky what do you mean,

And with a chuckle the sky said that life isn't all that it seems,

You see, I know what it is like to soar over all of the land,

I know what it is like to see the admiration and joy in the eyes of man,

But from here I can only see what my rays can touch,

Around bends, in the corners and shadows I don't see very much,

Then there are places and things that will always be a mystery to me,

Still perplexed I asked the sky what those could possibly be,

The sky said, do you see that cave over there on the mountain side?

Deep within is another world of wonders that it hides,

Unlike you, I can't walk and explore any of its darkest depths,

I can only shine so bright but even then my rays only reach a few steps,

Then there is the ocean, she is magnificent as she covers the globe,

There is a world below the waves that I simply will never know,

The deeper her waters go, the less and less I can see,

No matter how bright I shine she will always remain a mystery.

And then there is the night where the world takes on a different vibe,

I've heard the stories, I've seen the parties aftermath but I'll never see it live,

You see, while you look up at me and my vibrant colors at sunrises and sunsets,

I look down and envy the freedom you all have to explore, that's something I will never get,

So I shine bright so you can adventure and up here I get to watch you all play,

Live a life with the shackles of only being able to bring the new day,

I sat in silence for a spell it could have been hours and hours I truly do not know,

I got ready to leave but the sky said stay and talk awhile, you do not need to go,

And with that the sky and I sat and talked about the world from each other's view,

Now I sit with the sky and cherish the moments of all the things I get to do!


This morning (Nov 2nd) I walked down the street and took the picture you just saw. As I listened to the birds, the wind in the leaves, the creatures I couldn't see, the cars and the world slowly rising awake I found calm. I often find calm when I walk or simply sit in with my own mind. But this morning I was thinking about the sky. Technically I was thinking about the sunrise and how every morning it shows up. We can't always see it because of various things like a cloudy day for instance. Even so, it is there. Even so, it shows up and does it job. It never asks for anything. It just moves around the globe one second at a time. This morning, as you can probably tell from the poem, I wondered what it (the sky) would think of us being in awe of it. If you have read any of my writing you know that the next word I thought is one I think a lot about... Perspective.

I am grateful that I get to get up and walk down my street with my cellphone and capture a picture or two. I am grateful that I get to enjoy the morning shine, the midday grey and the nights storms (or any variations of our days conditions). Yet, there are people who hate their lives. There are people who wish there wasn't another day to get up and do it again. There are people who think it is foolish for a grown woman to put on rain boots and go stomping in puddles on a rainy day. For what it is worth my great little friend Beckie does just that with her companion spoiled dog, Pup. Depending on a person's perspective that puddle stomping is either great stress relief or absolutely childish behavior. And I wonder, why it can't be both? More importantly, who cares? The day will come no matter what we do. We can be in awe of it or fear it and it, like the sky above, will show up.

A few weeks ago I was driving with my good friend April from Las Vegas to California. We had a day off during our business trip so we chose to hit the road at 5 AM and head to Six Flags Magic Mountain. As we drove the sun slowly woke for the morning. Cars headed away from Vegas and others headed towards Vegas. After about two hours on the road, the sun having risen we stopped at a gas station to get gas and relieve the bladders. Next to the gas station was a restaurant. Jenny Rose to be exact. The sign for it is the picture you see. A giant heart.

As the gas pumped and my friend went into station I walked in-between the station and the restaurant to capture this picture. There was a trucker parked across the street behind me watching the goings on. This big guy standing in the middle of parking lot/gas station taking a picture of a sign, the sun, or something else. Fact was he wouldn't know since he was across the street. All he could do is speculate. He wouldn't be unique in that because we all speculate when we don't know all the facts.

From the driver's perspective I might look very silly taking a picture of some old road sign. I think about him now, as a trucker, how blah is this view? The sunrise that he sees on this desert road day in and day out and the sun that shines way too brightly in his window, how is it for him? For me it's a cute little spot where I'll buy a postcard for my wall, get back on the road and then my friend and I will talk about the great picture I took. He, on the other hand, might be waiting for the restaurant to open to have a steak and egg with a side of hash browns and a cup of black coffee from a waitress or waiter he sees every few days as he passes through. Of course, I am guessing because I have no idea. Maybe he saw me taking a picture and took one of me taking a picture and shared it on social media with the caption "someone enjoying the beauty that God created." I would never know. I think I will picture the old truck driver doing just that, finding a little joy in my little moment because, like the sky, he wasn't able to do what I, on my day off, was able to do.

Perspective is our own history, beliefs, life lessons and understandings being used to create our view of the world or the situation. We can look at others and think they have a great life when in fact to them it is horrible. Think of Robin Williams for example. We can see someone and think they have a horrible life and that person is as content as can be. Ever talk to a happy homeless person? I have and it is amazing how some people can find joy in the simplest things. But we judge, we assume, we make declarations because of our perspective. Today's message is a reminder that there is more than just one perspective to everything.

If we spent a little more time trying to learn about each other's perspectives we just may have greater understanding of our world and appreciate each other a lot more.

As I stood and snapped pictures this morning (this one is another by the way) a neighbor walked by me with her dog and said, "Isn't it amazing? My camera won't do it justice." I said yes it is which is why I am out right now taking pictures. A truck driver is unstrapping a load of lumber that is being dropped off two houses down from where I am standing. He is getting his job done and ready to get to the next job. The lady is getting her early morning walk in and getting ready for her day. I am simply enjoying the sunrise while my waffles and coffee are getting cold back at home. Within 5 minutes we will all be on different paths for our day. By the time I snapped this picture the lady was gone out of site. As I turned to walk back home I gave hello head nod to the guy in his truck and went back to my breakfast. I wonder what those two people thought of that moment? It is always good to think about others I think.

I'll leave with this:

Life is too short to avoid the puddles so jump in them, get your clothes wet, laugh like a child, sit in silence, celebrate in grand fashion, eat the ice cream, lift the weights, take the adventure and find strangers to get to know because wisdom comes from experience and unlike the sky in the poem we have the freedom to truly explore.

One last picture to end this blog:

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