It Didn't Go My Way...

On July 27th (Friday) the world was to have a full moon, actually a Blood Moon to be exact. I love catching the sunrise and sunsets if the day allows it. I decided that I would definitely catch a moon rise. You know when the moon, like the sun, rises over the horizon. Most days I don't catch the moon until it is already up and after the sun has gone down. Today, I thought to myself, I am going to catch the moon rise. I googled the time for moon rise which was, if memory serves me correct, around 1940 or 7:40 pm. I had a plan and I was going to make it happen and around 7:30 I was off to make it happen.

I jumped into my truck and headed down to Manchester to see if I could find the moon. I would also hit the Harper Dock and the Southworth ferry area too. If you don't know about my little Port Orchard town those places are 10 minutes from my house and 10 minutes between the 3 places. I was on my mission and gonna have my moon rise.

My first stop was Manchester where the the water level is low and the horizon is too. If the moon were going to show up early it would definitely show up there. I have my cellphone, I have my music, I have my "camera eye" and a full tank of gas. Manchester is lovely. It is my first stop usually when I am chasing the sunrise due to waking up earlier than my alarm clock. Manchester never lets me down for a great shot. And so I wait for the ideal time. Moon don't let me down your friend is waiting for you.

I sat on the coast and watched as birds and other creatures feasted on the ocean bounty opened to them by low tide. In the distance I could see the low coastline that I knew I'd find. What I didn't see was the moon. I snapped a picture because the sight was still amazing and peaceful. Over my shoulder the sun was setting. Maybe that will be great too, but, don't get distracted Sean, the moon is what you are hunting. So I jump in the truck and head out towards Harper Dock.

I don't plan to stop at Harper because from the dock the inlet blocks the angle to where I suspect the moon will show her grand presence. A little frustrated at my first stop I keep hope alive and truck on. The sun behind me is getting close to the horizon itself. I am torn. Capture the sunset or stay focused on my moonventure? Ugh, this is complicated. Stick to what I plan or make adjustments as I go? As I drive the road tells me what I should do.

Pulling over the side of the road on my way to the Harper dock I find the sun brightly saying goodbye for the evening. I couldn't pass up a chance to at least enjoy it a bit especially with the moon being kind of rude at my first stop. The blackberries are growing wildly on the side of the road and the sun lights a way to its glory. I must capture this which I do as you can see.

As I watched this for a moment I decided that I wanted to play with the sun a bit. I mean, like I said, the moon was being a bit rude so why not. Why not make the best of your time, right? So here I snap another picture at the same spot. Now, I am look at contrasting pictures from the

spot. Hmmm, should I just sit and watch the sky turn amazing colors? The moon didn't show up at its scheduled time after all. I love black and white photos. My friends like them. I can share my joy of this spot watching the birds, listening to the fish and seals breach the water. The cars zipping by and all. No! I have a mission to find the moon on the horizon. I jump back in my truck and "Ease on Down the Road!"

As I roll on I am wondering if I am going to catch the moon. Where should I go? I think maybe I'll head towards Gig Harbor by way of Banner road. Yes, I am going to swing through Harper and head on down to Gig Harbor. Don't be deterred Sean! You will find that moon dagnabbit. That self-talk will make it all great I am sure. I carry on forward.

My wheels roll along the road, my country music blares as I sing and enjoy the changing skyline a little bit at a time. My focus is on the moon. I am dedicated to my mission.. I will not be left out by the moon. She is big, she is full of herself, she knows we all stare at her. She is being coy and evasive. I will find you moon. I will.

I pass the Harper dock where the fishermen and fisherwomen (is that a thing?) cast their lines for whatever it is they catch off the dock. The moon is still a no-show. A Seagull flies along side my truck and cars whistle by heading in the other direction coming from the Southworth Ferry. As I drive another image catches my attention. I need to keep moving but I must stop.

The water was like glass and the trees are

radiant. I stopped in the middle of the road, don't worry no one was coming behind me, and snapped this picture. I could sit here and enjoy the view. The sounds, the smell, the warmth of the evening and all that goes with it. But, if I did I am sure someone would be honking at me since I was stopped in the middle of the road. Wait... Focus Sean you have a mission. I hit the gas and head on up to Banner and turn left. Yes Sir! I thought. Onward I go.

By this time, I am thinking I have been slowly talking about my journey. I'll fast-forward a bit and say I hit banner and drove the long road towards the water and the T-intersection at the end of it. I know that I will find the moon at one of these places. Right? I mean the moon is a lovely mistress she shows up every night. Well, she is there but the Washington skies like to block her out with clouds. It is frustrating not seeing the moon. She escapes me. I take more pictures though as I travel. The next was the top of the hill overlooking the water. So high that we can see

Mount Rainier dead center of this pic. The hazy day and I still don't see the moon. Where the heck is the moon? Yes, I took a nice photo. Yes, this place is great. Every so often I even see the Eagles soaring below me here. Not this time. It's OK though because I am on a mission. Moon Mission! Onward I go still.

At the bottom of the hill I still see no moon. I am having a good time though. I look west and the Sun is still trying to get my attention. I can here the sun, "Sean, why are you worried about the moon? You know I never let you down. Sunrise and sunsets all the time. Look I even light up a lake for you." Well, who am I to ignore one of my favorite balls of light? I turned around and snapped another picture. I sent it to a friend or two. "Oh my I wish I was there!" My friends love it when I share my journey. But I digress, I am still searching for the moon. No time to waste I head on back towards my home. Frustrated, I know I will not get my shot.

The moon will not be on the horizon for me to capture. I twist and roll up Banner Road. Frustrated at the failure of my success. The sun though still begs for attention as I notice the sky. Want to see? Here lets share a few snaps shall we. Someone's yard, another yard

and another. The sunsets along the horizon and the sky lights up. My mission was to find the moon but yet I found the sunset. I stopped and marveled at the sunset.

Like I said in the title the, "It didn't go my way" which is true. Yet, I had a grand time. I shared what I was doing. I embraced the travel. I went from one spot to the next and sat for a minute. I saw people jumping off bridges into the water. I saw people sitting on the side of roads enjoying the night sky. Can it get better than that? No! My mission went the wrong way but I enjoyed it. That is the point of this blog.

Do not get so caught up in your plans that you don't see the magical possibilities of change. Being stuck to one way will only get you stuck in "A" way. I could of gotten pissed that I "wasted my time" not completing my mission. Thankfully, I do not think that way. Every journey has infinite potential destinations and end points. The river does not fret over the bolder in the way it simply finds a new way to take to move on forward. Be the river. Be flexible. Be willing to slow down and see the world that you are in not the world that you hoped to be in.

The moon was being coy. She was making it hard for me. She knew I wanted to see her. I wanted to bask in her glory and her amazement. She hid from me. I was frustrated with her. As I sat in my living room I saw her through the window. Wait! Did she make me wait for a reason? Did she just go diva on me and say, "Wait for me and I'll make it worth it!" I'll leave it up to you to decide. I give you the moon. May you always be flexible in life. It is worth the work and worth the wait!

For what it is worth all these pictures I took with my old cellphone. Beauty is in your eye. See beauty. I give you the moon from that night:

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