L.E.T.M.E. Explain Something

Live Every Tiny Moment Exceptionally!!!!!!!

A few years ago I started writing inspirational messages and thoughts to share with my friends. The goal wasn't to prove that I knew everything or that my life was perfect and therefore people should definitely follow me and look up to me. I simply did it because I know how much I would have appreciated the thoughts when I was young and dumb. (Note: Not completely sold I've outgrown that stage yet. lol). In any case, I ended one of those messages with "LETME- Live Every Tiny Moment Exceptionally." The moment I wrote it I knew that I would do something with it in the future. I didn't know what that would be, but I knew it was one of those things that would be an amazing gift and tool for me to reach people. At the time I had no idea I would have not one book, not two books, but three books, Instagram, Twitter accounts. I had no idea I would have my own blog, let alone my own website, too (all linked here, if you like). I had no idea. That is the gift of life, and that is the point of LETME. And, that is why I am talking about it today, in this blog. So, let's get to it.

So, what is LETME? It is simply living life in the moment and appreciating it for what it is, which is a gift. As people we have gotten to the point where the outer image of our "self" is the most important thing in life. How people view us defines the way we live, act, and react to the world. LETME is about slowing down and not acting or reacting to the world, but blending into it to see it at its most natural state. LETME is getting off from a tough day of work and taking the back streets, scenic route, or long way home to enjoy the breeze from outside and the views along the


It's like stealing a picture of a mountain out in the distance that you have seen so much you stopped noticing it years ago. LETME is connecting to what it felt like the first time you saw the "mountain" (or whatever) in the first place. Like this picture, I was the passenger in the car and loved the way the mountain looked as a backdrop to the freeway. I love this picture for all the layers it captured. I had one moment to capture it. Just one. If I thought about it too long, I would have missed it. If I rushed myself, it might have come out blurry. What I did was simply acknowledge the moment and captured a shot of it. It really didn't matter if the picture came out or not because I was enjoying the moment. I am glad it did come out, mind you, but that wasn't the most important part of it.

You see, we have a choice on how we attack the day. We have a choice on where we go with our energy. We have a choice on who we spend our energies on. We have a choice with how we recharge ourselves. LETME is about taking the moment. It is about taking our "choice" and finding something to do with it that refuels us or simply slows us down. It is about learning to, for lack of a better word, love being with you and being where you are in life. It isn't about not wanting to improve and explore. It isn't about not seeing the growth potential in what you are doing or what you would like to do. It is about recognizing the life we have and appreciating it.

Here are a few stolen moments I have taken simply taking the long way home from work. I am lucky I get to drive along the water, but I'd do the same if I was in the mountains or out on the plains. Seeing life happen around me and simply sitting with it is what my LETME moments are all about.

1. Here one of my friends had stopped at a cove to listen to the waves. I got a text saying it sounded amazing. Since I was near, I came by to find her out at water's edge taking pictures of the waves. And then, the Washington State Ferry came by. I smiled watching her have this moment and snapped this pic. She didn't know I was there yet.

2. Sometimes it is amazing to see where you came from and the traces we leave on the earth. I climbed down to capture pictures of eagles on the beach. As I returned, I saw my footsteps in the sand. It reminds me of fleeting moments that will soon disappear when the water returns. It will be like I was never there at all.

3. Some people walk the beach to hear the waves or see the sun. What we, as humans, fail to see, more often than not, is all the life that happens around us. This little "world" was on top of a rock during low tide. For all the living things inside, it is a whole world. For me, it was a cool picture. LETME lets me realize that there is so much more to the world than just me.