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If you follow my post, blogs, tweets, grams or talks, you have probably noticed I tend to take the long way home along the water. I do this for many reasons from simply enjoying the ocean breeze to hopefully finding an Eagle or some great moments to sit and enjoy. I do this several times a week to several times a day in some cases. I get in my truck. I drive down Beach Drive, head to Manchester, stop randomly at places I see Eagles. I capture pictures of the mountains and (occasionally) the ferry coming from or heading to Seattle/Bremerton. I stop at the Manchester Boat Ramp and snap photos of Seattle to the left, or Mount Rainier to the right. I continue my journey along the water towards the Harper Dock and on towards the Southworth Ferry Terminal, and finally cruise on back into town. While I am out I take pics and share them with friends. Sometimes I post one on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with some sort of positive message about life. I don't get tired of it. I can go to one of those places or any other and find a bit of peace, and, if I'm lucky, an Eagle or two.

There is a saying that alludes to the idea of finding something you love and never having to work a day in your life. While it might not apply fully to this message, it does ring true: if you find what you love, you won't tire of it (on most days). It is 10pm on Thursday night and I am pretty positive that sometime tomorrow I will find myself around one of those areas again before getting back home. Day in and day out. I love it. I enjoy the friends that appreciate it. Most importantly I enjoy the moments that are for me. I repeat them every day. I do a lot of things the same every day. Every. Single. Day. Why am I talking about this? Well, because the other day I had an epiphany, if

you will. It sparked the idea for this blog as you can see by my idea lamp picture. Pretty clever, right? Sometimes I have to amuse myself. In any case, let's get to the point.

I do the same thing everyday. I get up at the same time. I talk to the same friends at the exact same time. I take my shower, eat my food and start my day the exact same way. I go to the same coffee stand and talk to the same barista while ordering the exact same drink put into my same reusable cup. I get to work and I do the same things. I come home and watch the same shows, read the same books and everything etc., etc., etc. You get the gist? Everything is the same. I simply do not deviate from the routine. No matter how much I do the same things, I will NEVER have the same moment. Not one time in my entire life will I have ever have the same moment. Let me break this down a little bit.

As of today I am/have lived:

1,410,646,900 Seconds

23,510,782 Minutes

391,846.4 Hours

16,326.93 Days

2,332.42 Weeks

536.44 Months

44.70 Years

In all that time I have never experienced the exact same thing. According to that up there I have lived 1 billion, 410 million, 646 thousand and 900 seconds. Every single one of them were unique. Not a single was duplicated. Now, some of you may be thinking, what the hell, Sean? Why are you telling us this useless information? The simple answer is it isn't useless information. It is "freeing" information. You see, this blog isn't about all those numbers. Instead, it is about one number...well, actually, it's about number one. You!

No matter how we look at life, every second of every day we are different. We can repeat the same actions but as soon as 1 second passes everything has changed. You see this collage? This is essentially the same picture taken 2 days apart at roughly the same time of day. The pictures on the right are from a sunny morning. There were people driving around and some stopping to watch the sunrise. I could hear birds and animals enjoying the morning. The pictures on the right are from 2 days later. It was foggy and cold. Cars drove by, but no one stopped to enjoy the view. I stood alone replicating pictures I had taken a couple days earlier. See, I am at the same spot but everything is different. The people, the area, even the animals are pretty quiet on this day. Even I am different because this time I have a purpose on top of me just enjoying my morning drive. I want replicate the pics I took. So it's not the same. Every moment is different. You, me, them, they, it, and whatever, is different.


Man, you guys get antsy, don't you? Because many of us spend our lives living in constant state of same that really eats us from the inside out. We carry the pains of yesterday with us. We carry the labels that bind us to our past like flashing billboards on the Las Vegas Strip and wonder why we never grow. We don't recognize that we are different than we were before. That we are more than what we were before. The thing is, we have the ability of letting it go. We have the power to untether ourselves from the ties that bind us. We can change the billboard to reflect something new. We can do this because we are not bound by a past that has never been repeated. No matter how we look at it we never repeat the same moment. It doesn't matter how similar it may seem. The truth still remains that it is different. And in that, I do not need to treat it the same. If I don't need to treat it the same, then I can "CHOOSE" something different.

The problem most of us have is we view things as if they are the same. We even say things like "same shit, different day" when people ask us about our mundane lives. But is it really the same?

The three collages you see here are taken in the same place at the same time. Each one should be identical but they are not because they can't be. Why? Because I stood adjusting the filters on my cellphone's camera for every shot. They can't be the same because there is no way I could have been in the exact same spot. Neither could the trees as the wind blows them even just a tiny bit. No matter how we spin it, everything is different. And if it is different (again) we can choose to be different.

As I pondered my one billion seconds on this planet I understood that life isn't about doing the same thing every time because, frankly, it isn't possible. Even this blog will be changed by the time it is submitted as my friend April will have edited it before it is published. Tomorrow, when I look at it again I will be different and these words will ring differently to me. That is magical. That is amazing. That is what we are... we are different. Each moment of each day we are different. I'll give you one more collage that I have used before in my blogs because the moment was pretty

inspiring to me.

The little kid in this collage was fishing. His father showed him what to do and the kid cast his line time after time after time. I watched as the waves rolled in. As he pulled his line in with no fish. As his parents and sister did other stuff, he did what his dad taught him. Not one time did he cast his line the same way. Not one time was the water the same. Not one time did he pull the line out the same. Every moment was different.

In our lives we cast a line out into the sea of humanity and hope we catch something amazing. But just like in fishing, there are rules. If it is too small, throw it back. If it isn't what you need, throw it back. If you take it with you, respect it and treat it properly. We never live the same moment twice. We are lucky that way. I want to end with one last thought.

Tomorrow or the day after or the day after that I'll find myself riding along water taking the long way to somewhere. I'll stop at familiar places and think of the many times I had done it before but I'll be different. I'll smile at the past, embrace the present and hope for the future because it's all different. Today, I hope you will embrace your "different" because it is the one constant we have in life. LETME

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