Playing God!

Let me start with a little background:

If you know me, some of you may not, then you know I love taking pictures with my cellphone. I spend my time embracing the beauty of the world no matter where I may be adventuring to or from. So much so I published a table top picture book, Just A Thought, Tree which consist of pictures I have taken all over the world. I am not a professional. I know little about lighting, and proper focus or anything great professional photographers know and understand. I just take what catches my eye and apparently I'm pretty good with my level of photography. Recently, I upgraded my phone and the photo settings have some fun little new settings. The orb type pic

right here is one that caught my attention. It looks like a globe. This particular picture was taken during, what we in Washington State called Snowmageddon. I love the look of it. In any case, this is what started me on the journey that inspired this blog.

One day I found a little orb on one of my wife's elephant statues in our home. I looked at it for a bit and thought about trying to take a picture through it. That is the gift of no formal training as a photographer: I'm always outside the box. I'm not sure if I will be successful or not but I know I'll have fun doing it which really is the point of life.

A few days go by and I finally get up for the sunrise and take my little orb down the road with me. There is an opening between two of my neighbors houses that is perfect for seeing the sunrise over the horizon. In the four plus years I've lived in this house I have taken thousands of pictures from that spot. Here is the very first picture I took with my little orb. (Don't worry we are about to get into the real point of this blog in a second.)

As I looked at the images when I got home, I sat and admired how it looks like a world. I knew at some point that thought would manifest into a blog post or a message. Guess what? Here we are with a blog that, for the first time, has a pre-blog intro which is a bit weird. Hmmm, well it is my blog so let's get to it. PLAYING GOD (for real this time)

As I sat on the shoreline snapping pictures of the sunset I marveled at how life just seems to go on and on no matter what. Across the water the foot ferries chauffeur Bremerton Shipyard workers back to one of two docks here in Port Orchard where they (the shipyard workers) will pile in cars and buses, get on bikes or even walk to their next destination. I sit and watch the Seagulls soar across the waters. I think of the movie Finding Nemo and jokingly go "Mine! Mine! Mine!" as one Seagull chases another trying to steal its food. After a few minutes, I remember I put the wife's orb in my truck. This might be cool, I think, as I pull it out. And it was indeed. Just that, cool.

As I snapped this picture my mind started painting another picture. A picture of a different place all together. Seeing the water ripple and the clouds move with the orb made it look all too real. Then my hand holding firmly keeping it safe, I think to myself, what if I drop it? I mean, this little orb will shatter or crack at the very least. Here I am with the whole world in my hand. And this is what hit me: The feeling: the place was a desk, in an office with me sitting there observing this little world I have in my hand. In this thought I am God. What? That is outrageous to even imagine, I am sure people will think, and that is OK too. That doesn't matter. What matters is the point I was making, so let me get back to it.

So, here I am at a desk in an office holding this orb which is now a planet with real live things living on it. It is a circle that 99.9 percent will never get off of, for it is their home. Maybe space travel will happen and they will find another orb to live on, but for now, the people of this little orb in my hand are confined to it. What an interesting observation, I think, as my mind continues to wander. I'm a man sitting at a desk looking at, for better or worse, a snow globe that I created. Damn, my little orb in my hand and full of life can be dwindled down to a simple snow globe. I admire it. I love what I created, and I know it is great. Hell, it's a conversation starter when others visit my state room. I picture myself getting up and placing the little orb gently back on its stand on my display case. As my hand places the orb on the stand, I drift back reality and I can't shake the questions in my mind.

In the pictures I took I see the life of the world. I wonder a myriad of things. Why would I create this little world in the first place? What would it benefit me? Is it nothing more than a collectible on my shelf that I warn guests to "be careful with that" because it is fragile? Is it a science experiment like those old ant colonies or worm colonies that science teachers used to have students do? There are so many questions running through my mind as I venture forward. Why would Sean the God make this little thing?

Curiosity seems to be the answer I come up with because I can't find another reason. As I look at some of my photos, three of them stand out to me. Three images that reflect the world's beginning, middle, and end. The first, a star is born within the orb and life begins. In the second life is lived on this perfect little ball for all of "Sean's" creatures. The third and last, the destruction where the fire burns the orb to nothing. Three images representing what I imagine is going to happen on

top of that bookshelf in my big office. Wow, what a thought. Seeing the pictures even now gives me a bit of a chill. What happens when the little science experiment burns up? Is it replaced with a new orb or something different? It is something to think of when picturing yourself holding a planet in your hand. As I snap back to reality I reminisce on playing God and the reality of the questions as they pertain to me and the inhabitants of th