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Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Happy Monday Inspiration Nation! Over this past weekend I sat in a booth with several independent authors at the Tacoma Home and Garden Show. As I sat talking to other authors and people brave enough to come check out our booth. Over the four days and many, many, many conversations I had a thought which of course I want to share with you all.

What if we put down our prejudices, our assumptions, our personal beliefs and feelings for one minute? What if we did not see skin color, age, gender, sexual orientation, republican, democrat, veteran, hippie, nerd, religious preference etc etc etc for just one minute? What if you just saw a person who you were just meeting for the first time and the two of you got to speak without all that other stuff for one single minute? Kind of like a child would do. What would we learn about each other? What would you learn about yourself? If we put down all that we assume and know for 1 minute and simply are genuinely inquisitive about one another's life, who they are, what they do and vice versa we would see how much more in common we all are on this big ball we live on.

To a child everyone is his/her friend. They play and make games up because that's what imaginative minds do. Yes, they fight, they argue and they get mad enough not to want to be friends any longer and then they forgive. Sometimes it takes an adult to mend the fences but often without intervention kids will make up with one another. How much more would you understand if you knew nothing for the first minute of meeting someone?

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of talking to young and old, veterans and non-veterans, husbands and wives, able and disabled, readers and non-readers and all other types of people. And as I told my story of my book (and other's books as well) many were amazed at my journey to that point. Some walked away with my book and some did not but all walked away with a different opinion of the big guy standing there in front of a book with him scowling. In fact, one guy said, "this can't be you the guy on the book looks older and maybe a little angry. You have have been smiling this whole time." I winked and said the book is about inspiration the guy on the front was simply "thoughting."

Today, I remind you that life is so much better when we embrace the unknown. When we walk and talk with strangers outside of our bubble and comfort zone. When we forget for one minute (and hopefully more) all the things we know to learn about the things we don't know. Be a kid and embrace the differences you just might find yourself in the eyes of someone who looks nothing like you, acts nothing like you, sees the world in a totally different way than you do while being very similar to you. Life is funny that way. Be amazing friends!Just a Thought

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