Thank You, President Trump

Yes, you read that correctly. I am writing a blog thanking President Trump. This won't be like my usual blogs as it will only have one picture, maybe two, and will be all words. I've debated writing this one for a while now because, to be honest, most people won't read anything over a minute or two or something that doesn't fit their own opinions. That being said, I know I needed to write it, if not for anyone else, for me. But why now? Why do it on the heels of the first presidential debate? Is it for "clicks"? No. Like I said, most people won't read the words much farther than this anyway. Is it to take a stand? Hmmm, yes and no, I guess. It's to make a point, to change perspective, and to get out the thought that has been pounding my brain for a few weeks out. That's the thing about opinion; it sometimes demands to be shared, and, therefore, here I am sharing this opinion from a relative nobody in the big scheme of things to you. Enough of that, let's get to the thanking of Mr. President.

In order to get to the thanking I need to take us back a bit to the beginning. When TV show personality Donald Trump threw his name in the hat for the Republican nomination for President I laughed. I mean this guy was the butt of many jokes for his beyond ridiculous persona, hair piece and, well, everything. Most Americans, and probably many around the world, considered him nothing more than someone to laugh at or, at best, someone to enjoy yelling, "You're fired" on his "reality" TV show. He was nothing more than a character. The truth is that no one, and I mean NO ONE, believed that this reality TV show guy was a real threat to become President of the United States. But he did! He did become President of the United States of America. We all know that but there was something that candidate Trump said that has always stuck out with me. In fact, it was one of the things that so many of the "Trump is my guy" people cheered about him as his support grew. What did he say?


If he became President he would drain the swamp. Now, he was speaking of the political crap that is/was prominent in Congress. He, as he touted, isn't a politician but a businessman. He could care less about making friends on the political side because he, as he put it, "has the best people around" him. He even, if memory serves me correctly, shared Lindsey Graham's phone number to the public to prove how he has no friends in Congress. His followers ate it up and his fan base grew. I could go on but we know that he won the nomination, and then he won, doesn't matter if you like or dislike the Electoral College, the Presidency. And, with this term coming to an end, I am brought back to the promise that stuck with me: Did the President "Drain the Swamp!" or not? After some deep thinking I came to an answer, and this is why I am thanking President Trump in my blog. So let's dig in a little bit more.


The picture you see isn't the swamp the President was going to drain. In fact, I am willing to wager the President has never in his life seen this particular swampy marsh here in Washington State. That being said, this represents exactly what the President did do in keeping his promise. I am thanking him for draining the swamp, just not the one he promised. Wait, what? Yes, he drained the swamp and we, as Americans, will be better because of it. President Trump has been just what this country needs, and he ran the rakes across the muck of the swamps and started the draining process. A lot of people won't give him credit for it, but I will right here and right now. Let me explain.

America has an image that we are welcoming to the hardworking people of the world. We are safe for those who have been oppressed and have had their freedoms denied. We show our military men and women defending the injustices of the world with honor and integrity in the pursuit of equality for each and every person in the world. We fly our flag high and proudly because we stand behind our Constitution and our freedoms. We are the country that other countries should strive to be like. That is the movie we play for the world. It is the image that many people around the globe see. It is the reason immigrants risk jail and death to sneak in to the country to be part of, the amazing, American Dream. For as long as I can recall we have touted that imagery of a country that, while not perfect, is the epitome of amazing. Drain the Swamp!

Recently I had 4 different friends say, in some fashion or other, how they are shocked at how horrible things are right now. Each of them were female and each of them white. The significance of that is I have to understand their perspective before I responded to them. So, I paused and thought about what was said and I responded, "This isn't new. I've seen this my whole life! It is new to you because you are being forced to see what hasn't been prominent in your life." And with that, perspective was given to each of them. This wasn't an attack on them, some kind of privilege or anything like that because it was a simple truth. We don't truly understand, more often than not, what doesn't affect us personally. We all have it. I, myself, grew up in a predominantly Black and Hispanic neighborhood. I guarantee you I did not care about the opioid addiction problems of White youths in the suburbs. It's easy to not see the world that other people see. Now, the President and all his divisive hate speech, lying, name-calling and just plain vile behavior empowered those who stay in the dark to come to the light. Not only to the light, but many are taking center stage and proudly boasting who they are in all its glory. He needs to be thanked for that. He needs to celebrated for lifting the veil from so many eyes in America that had, like my friends above, no idea how bad it really is in the world for others.

We must thank the President for only paying $750 in taxes in two consecutive years because it shows how easily it is to corrupt the system. We must thank him for not condemning white-supremacy because, the more they are empowered, the more the real Americans finally squash that bullshit. We must thank him for his response to COVID-19 and for calling it the "Chinese Virus" because he teaches us that it is our responsibility to DO what is right because it is right and not to have to be demanded to do it. We must thank him for showing how easy it is for people to buy their way into favors with each member of his team that proves to be an exceptional failure at the jobs they paid to do. We must thank him for calling Black athletes "bastards" and the such as they protested police brutality because it shed light for everyone else on laws that have been systematically designed to target certain groups. Because of his hate for those "rich bastards," it made the average American start to look closer at just how unfair the laws are, but also how unfair they are administered across the board. We must thank him for all the misleading tweets, briefings, interviews and statements he continues to make because it shows us how much many of us are willing to overlook as long as we get our way. We have to thank him for showing us our own hypocrisy.

Oh, yes, the country is in a, to put it mildly, shit storm of protest, death, unemployment, uncertainty, borderline civil war and much more. That is scary and, for many people, downright terrifying. It is because the image of America has been tarnished because Americans are now seeing our own ugly secrets come to light. We are seeing the hate in our family members and the ignorance of so many close-minded friends and family. And we owe this awakening to President Trump. We owe him thanks for it. We owe him thanks because, without him, we would still be pretending this. Like many people say in those small towns where a murder happens, "Doesn't happen here!" But it does, and it has for many years. None of the stuff we are going through in this nation is new. The swamp is being drained, and we are starting to see the crap that was stuck in the muck. So, yes, I am thanking President Trump for doing the hard work of making a country see through its own lies and misinformation. I'm thanking him for, as his followers scream with vigor, "Making America Great." Why? Because we now can see what we need to do to fix so many wrongs that we have ignored. I am thanking President Donald Trump for draining the swamp for us. Which now brings me to the lesson and, well, another picture:

If we, as Americans, are going to rise above this, then we ALL must stand up. We all must vote--- Republican, Democrat, Independent or something else --- because we have to be a part of the solutions. We must stop ignoring the injustices of others just because it doesn't impact our own world. We are connected, and, in that, we must stand together and rise. We have the opportunity right now to slowly fix what has never been right in the first place. It is up to us because, as the sign says, "History has its eyes on you (us)."

The swamp has been drained, and it is time for us to take responsibility and clean up the mess that was created by our own willful ignorance of what has been going on around us. It has always been there, but now we see it in full color and on great display. It's our time to make it right. It's not someone else's job. It is OURS. What we become from here is up to us. We no longer can claim ignorance to what is happening in the world around us. We must be the America that is supposed to be great. It is ours and ours alone to fix. So, thank you, President Trump. You may have been a horrible president but you have been perfect for a nation that needed a wake-up call. The alarm has finally gone off. Thanks to you many are starting to hear it. For that, I am grateful.

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