Wish We Could Meet

As I left the restaurant I turned back at the table and had to snap a picture. This picture right

here. Nothing spectacular unless you like the wall art, which for the record, I do. Otherwise it is just a table with two chairs and two place settings. I snapped this picture because of a thought ---I know I have lots of them ---that crossed my mind. Take a look at the picture. What do you see? What do you feel? Do you feel anything at all? Some of you may be reading this asking if I am going to get to the point any time soon. The answer, of course, is yes, I will.

When I got up I thought about long lost friends that I would love to sit and talk to again. Lost friends, not just from death, but from the ever so common slippage of time that changes relationships. Those friends and family that just can't pull up a chair and share a moment with me. I thought of friends who I once spent many hours talking to on the phone or in person that are distant strangers to me now. I thought about my cousin Maurice, whose name is forever tattooed on my arm, who passed away nearly 25 years ago. I thought for a moment, as I snapped away, where did we all go in such a short time. I wonder what we, the friends, relatives and such, would talk about if we could sit there for one moment. I stare at this picture and wonder. Even now, I think of all the places I would stop and talk. That got me thinking. Who would I sit and talk to if I could? In that I realized I wanted to blog.

If you could sit with anyone for a few minutes or hours, who would you sit with? Who would you talk to and what would you talk about? I find myself lost, in a different way than before, in these pictures for this blog. I am not looking at the setting of the bench(es) and seat(s) in the pics. I think back to those people who I could get, like the country song says, "five more minutes." I catch myself thinking of a day when I will not be able to sit at one of these spots that currently has the depths of mind in deep contemplation. What have we done with the moments? Guess the answer is a pretty easy one really. We got busy. I look at the next picture and it gives me chills in

what it represents in my current state of thinking. See the seats? Many of us would think to sit there and just be, but, if we are honest, most of us would want to catch the ferry that is passing the dock. Is there something wrong with wanting to catch a ferry somewhere? No, of course not, but this is about the simple moments of being with those we forget.

In fact, when I took this picture from the fishing dock in my town I saw the ferry coming and wanted to snap the pic at the perfect time where the ferry was centered on the dock. The caption that crossed my mind when I took it was "Leaving the static behind and jumping at the adventure." It is funny how perspective can change depending on where one's mind is. Today, I am thinking of the ghost of conversations I no longer have or get to have or will ever have again. It is sad really. How does it get to the point where we are so busy that we stop taking the moments to just be? It's crazy that a little two-seater table in a Mexican restaurant would spark these questions. I guess I am lucky to have my mind work this way. And in that mind I think about how to think about it a little better.

When you see pictures like these I want to instill the question, who haven't you spent time with that you absolutely would love to even for a few moments? How do you fix it? When you see this

image who comes to mind, to sit with and share a moment with? The truth is that a day will turn into a week before you know it. A week will turn into a month before you know it. A month will turn into a year before you know it. A year will turn into a dozen years before you know it. Life will turn to death before you know it. Then the times to find a space where we can will be no more. Today, I remind you and me that it is never too late to pick up the phone, send the email, invite to chat, or just simply have a moment.

Time is not a slave to us but a master of us which, in turn, makes us a slave to it. It reminds me of a picture I took recently while in Las Vegas conducting a wellness workshop. My biz partner and I were sitting in Marie Callender's restaurant having breakfast before her interview on the internet show Rise Above: the Butterfly Effect. We sat across from this booth chatting away about all the Vegas adventures and, more importantly, April's upcoming interview. The booth, however, kept getting my attention which fits the point of this blog and the statement, "Time is not a slave to us

but a master of us which, in turn, makes us a slave to it." As you see in this picture there are four different clocks on the wall. I looked at them and wondered how many conversations happened in that booth? How much time has ticked by in that booth? The clocks tick and tock as time just passes by. The booth waits for someone to sit in it. It waits to hear the memories of those who will sit and share a laugh, history and life within its confines.

The question that comes to mind is, who would you bring to the booth or any booth or bench or stoop or trail or edge of the dock? Do not replace the moments and the people that build our stories with the drive to the next thing. There has to be a balance because Time passes in such a way that we ignore its true power to make us old. In that we will have forgotten how much of it (time) that we let trickle on by without ever giving it a second thought. Time is not a slave!

If you read this message understand it isn't about being sad for what we have lost or not cultivated, but a reminder that we have time to do those small things. Reach out to a friend and really ask what he or she is going through. Go to a coffee shop or even video chat for a few minutes, but whatever you do, stop letting time pass by as if it doesn't own the very essence of who we are as people. Think of all the people who flashed in your mind as you read this blog. Even if you don't reach out into your past, who in your present could you make a little time for? What about yourself? Who would you like to have make time for you?

I will end with a more stark reminder of tomorrow and why it is important that we embrace today and the opportunities we are gifted during this life.

One day Time will give us our last moment. In most cases we will not know when that will be but it will, for better or worse, be waiting for each of us. Life is too short to have forgotten how to embrace the small moments. So I'll leave with one question:

Who will you sit with?

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