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These interactive workshops cater to individuals and groups committed to personal growth and wellness. The workshop offerings continue to grow. Check back regularly to find the workshop that suits your growth goals. Each 2-3 hour workshop is designed for groups with 10 or more participants. If you are interested in bringing a workshop to your area, or would like to schedule a private workshop for your group or organization, please email us for information and pricing.

As a motivational speaker, Sean draws from his experiences growing up in South Central L.A., serving in the military for over two decades, and inspiring and guiding individuals and groups with his insights into a wide range of topics. Now, you can bring Sean to your group, too. Book Sean.



Expectations are everywhere and in everything we do. In this 3 hour workshop we will define what expectations are, where we find them in our lives, why we have them, how they can be problematic and harmful, and what we can do to avoid those harmful outcome and increase the chances of achieving our expectations.

Join us for this thought-provoking interactive deep dive into the world of expectations. 


Cave Hiker



The best care for anyone, anywhere and any time is self-care. Most of us know the term self-care from a myriad of places from television to magazines, self-help books to online “influencers” and many more places. What do we do in a world where we are given all these amazing terms and “help” only to not really know how to use them? In this interactive workshop we are going to discuss ways to approach self-care through a mindset that is at the core repeatable. We will discuss ways we sabotage our self-care and ways to improve it. We will also discuss our mindset towards sacrificing for others and much more.


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What do we do when the lines between teaching and doing for are blurred? How do we stop the proverbial train from rolling down the tracks when we have created an enabling situation with someone? How do we enable someone to grow while being supportive in a way they don’t fail to a point of destruction? In this interactive workshop we will talk about what it is to be an enabler in various relationships, how we can avoid becoming an enabler and how to change the relationship status quo when we find ourselves in that type of relationship.

NEXT SESSION:  Thanks to all who attended our Spring Workshop


Communication is at the heart of every aspect of our lives. Whether at work, in love, or in our day-to-day interactions, how we communicate impacts our ability to share ideas. This interactive workshop takes a slightly different approach to communication. Listening effectively while avoiding “Washington speak,” communicating with someone you disagree with, and learning how to be right graciously are a few of the topics participants will explore in this powerful program.

NEXT SESSION:  Thanks to all who attended our Spring Workshop. 

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There are a lot of things missing in our society today. One of the biggest, in my opinion, is ownership. This workshop is designed to discuss our personal responsibilities to ourselves and our world. This interactive discussion will focus on what it means to have ownership, how we help others take ownership, how to identify our part in the breakdown of responsibilities and much more. 




The words we use directly reflect our thinking. But, did you know that the words we use also influence the WAY we think? Our choice of words can impact our perception of our life, our relationships with others, and the world. This workshop is designed to look closely at our “talk” and the messaging it contains,  so we can make changes to improve our reality.


NEXT SESSION:   Thank you to all who attended our Summer Workshops. 

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Every interaction a person has with another person is some form of relationship, no matter how small or large the interaction may be. In our society today, we have forgotten the importance of relationships--- how we treat them, respect them and identify them in respects to one’s self and others. During this interactive workshop, based on life experience and common sense, we will discuss some of the common relationship types, how we damage those relationships, how we can improve our relationships, and much more.  


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